Health Action Information Network (HAIN) serves research, information and education needs of Philippine and International agencies in health and development. 

Resource Center


HAIN envisions itself as an acknowledged source in Asia of research-based health information for social action 

20-25 June 2015

Pre-test CBS Training Module for CBS Motivators

18-19 June 2015

Finalization of CBS Messages & Validation CBO Protocol


01-03 July 2015

CFA Workshop at Palawan

Working Philosophy

HAIN believes that health is a development issue with economic, political and cultural dimensions. It believes that health comes with empowering people and communities with access to objective and accurate information on health care to make their own decisions and to organize for their rights. With the help of its vast information network, HAIN seeks to provide information at the local level, where it is needed the most. ‚Äč


To provide and advocate for the use of objective and timely information on health issues that would contribute to community transformation 

The Training Academy was formed to serve as a learning hub for developing new methodologies and strategies, and in utilizing technology for simplified teaching of different health issues in the community. HAIN conducts training programs to enhance capacity development for advocacy, research and training that would hone leaders to become valuable health educators and advocates. 

Training workshops for grassroots and communities are similarly conducted to...

Training Academy

HAIN Resource Center serves and responds to information needs of CBHPs, partner NGOs, researchers and policy makers. Information are useful in program development, support for advocacy work, academic requirements, and policy development. HAIN offers thousands of special collection including HAIN publications containing critical analysis of issues and hard-to-find research materials.

The Resource Center gathers and consolidates a wide range of information materials and strategically disseminates information through its inquiry services and library facilities.