HAIN serves research, information and education needs of Philippine and international agencies in health and development


HAIN envisions itself as an acknowledged source in Asia of research-based health information for social action


To provide and advocate for the use of objective and timely information on health issues that would contribute to community transformation. 

Working Philosophy

HAIN believes that health is a development issue with economic, political, and cultural dimensions. It believes that health comes with empowering people & communities with access to objective & accurate information on health care to make their own decisions & to organize for their rights. With the help of its vast information network, HAIN seeks to provide information at the local level, where it is needed the most. ​

PhilHealth Plunder

August 8, 2020 (Saturday)

 The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, better known

 as Philhealth, has been hugging front page headlines with,   what should we call it, anomalies and scandals. For weeks   before the Senate hearings began, rumors were going   around about the problems in PhilHealth suggesting that it   we were dealing with systemic infection, blood poisoning at   its worst.  The grumbling came loudest from hospitals, who   were unsuccessful in chasing after PhilHealth to reimburse   them for expenses going back to last year... read more