HAIN serves research, information and education needs of Philippine and international agencies in health and development


HAIN envisions itself as an acknowledged source in Asia of research-based health information for social action


To provide and advocate for the use of objective and timely information on health issues that would contribute to community transformation. 

Company Profile

Health Action Information Network (HAIN) Inc.

Founded: 1985

​​Areas of expertise: Research, Advocacy & Training and Education

AIDS Action Asia-Pacific edition is a quarterly newsletter on HIV prevention and care. Each issue of the newsletter has a thematic focus (i.e. HIV and safer sex) together with updates on HIV-related issues. It also gives emphasis to the experiences of organizations in HIV education, research and care in the Asia Pacific region. The newsletter ran from 1996 to 2001 and has reached to more than 60 countries in South and Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific region. AIDS Action was published in coordination with the London-based Healthlink Worldwide, which produces the international edition of the newsletter with support from various donors. 

Working Philosophy

HAIN believes that health is a development issue with economic, political, and cultural dimensions. It believes that health comes with empowering people & communities with access to objective & accurate information on health care to make their own decisions & to organize for their rights. With the help of its vast information network, HAIN seeks to provide information at the local level, where it is needed the most. ​


"provides an analytical perspective, practical, up-to-date, relevant and accurate health information for health, community and education workers in Asia and the Pacific. It includes newsletters, information, education and communication materials (IEC), books and monographs. The publications cover topics relevant to various health aspects from a wide range if social science disciplines and cater to

difference sectors. These publications reach both local and international communities."

  1. Drug handbook: Banned, Withdrawn and Restricted Drugs in the Philippines (1986)Drug handbook: Banned, Withdrawn and Restricted Drugs in the Philippines (1986)
  2. Mga tanong at sagot tungkol sa AIDS (1986)
  3. ​Restoring Health Care to the People (1987)
  4. ​Guide to Rational Drug Use , volumes 1 (1988) 
  5. Guide to Rational Drug Use, volume 2 (1989)
  6. ​Writing clearly: A manual for Filipino writers and editors in English (1989)
  7. Three Infant Lives (1991)
  8. ​Medicines: Meanings and Context (1994)
  9. Understanding HIV/AIDS (1997)
  10. Shattering the Myths: A Primer on HIV/AIDS and the Filipinos (1997)
  11. ​HIV/AIDS Country Profile (2000)
  12. ​Operations Research for Family Planning: A Simplified Guide (2000)
  13. ​A Matter of Time: HIV/AIDS Development in the Philippines (2000)
  14. ​Living on the edge: Case study on Filipino Seafarers (2000)
  15. ​In the shadows: Men who have sex with men (2000)
  16. ​Living with HIV/AIDS: Case study on Filipinos Living with HIV/AIDS (2000)
  17. ​Operations Research for Family Planning: A simplified guide (2000)
  18. ​Essential AIDS Information Resources Asia-Pacific edition (2001)
  19. ​HIV/AIDS Country Profile (2002)
  20. ​2005 Philippine HIV and AIDS Country Profile (2005)
  21. ​Breaking through the noise: An introduction to the Spitfire Smart Chart II, A strategic communication tool (2007)
  22. ​Primary Health Care approach to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (2008)
  23. ​Promoting Adolescents’ Sexual Health through Responsive and Supportive Parenting (2010)
  24. ​Keeping the Faith Alive: A slimbook on responding to the challenges posed by the Catholic Church hierarchy on reproductive health (2010)