The Drug Monitor

Produced bi-monthly, this newsletter presented news and feature articles that aimed to provide objective information on health and medical issues to the public. This was also one of the earliest publication s of HAIN. The first issue came out in 1986 and continued f0r 10 years. A complete set of this newsletter is archived at the HAIN Resource Center. 

AA37.png.pdf​​​​​​​​​​AIDS Action Asia-Pacific edition is a quarterly newsletter on HIV prevention and care. Each issue of the newsletter has a thematic focus (i.e. HIV and safer sex) together with updates on HIV-related issues. It also gives emphasis to the experiences of organizations in HIV education, research and care in the Asia Pacific region. The newsletter ran from 1996 to 2001 and has reached to more than 60 countries in South and Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific region. AIDS Action was published in coordination with the London-based Healthlink Worldwide, which produces the international edition of the newsletter with support from various donors. 

Issue 52-53  July - December 2001           Young people at risk

Issue 50-51  January - June 2001               Sharing and exchanging information

Issue 49       October - December 2000   Traditional and Alternative Medicine

Issue 48​       July - September 2000          Talking about safer sex

Issue 47        April - June 2000                    Religion and HIV./AIDS

Issue 46       January - March 2000            Improving Access to Care

Issue 44-45  July - December 1999            HIV and Children

Issue 42-43  January - June 1999              Making Clear Messages 

Issue 41        October - December 1998   Caring for People who are very sick

Issue 40       July - September 1998          People on the move

Issue 39       April - June 1998                     Keys to Success

Issue 38       January - March  1998            HIV & its impact on health workers 

Issue 37       October - December 1997     HIV and Safe, Healthy sex

Issue 36      July - September 1997            Reproductive Tract Infections

Issue 35       April - June 1997                      Disability and HIV

Issue 34       January - March 1997              Blood Safety

Issue 33       October - December 1996     Human Rights and HIV.AIDS

Issue 32       July- September 1996             Making progress

Issue 31       April - June 1996                       HIV, Drugs and Diet   

Issue 30      January - March 1996              Tackling HIV and TB

Issue 29      October - December 1995      Much more than information

Issue 28      July - September 1995             Home and Hospital

Issue 27       April - June 1995                       Caring for children

Issue 26      January - March 1995              All about STDs 

Issue 25      October - December 1995      Young people first

Issue 24      July - September 1995             Keys to Counselling