November 2015

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REACH Palawan (RH Empowered Advocates of Centers for Health in Palawan)
(Supported by Family Planning 2020)

The project uses strategies and methodologies of Community Organizing process from identifying allies & key informants to continue awareness-raising in order to influence and involve local executives in RH-FP support and direct services.

Sustained National and Local Advocacy for Reproductive Health in the Philippines
(Supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

This project aims to win the broadest support of the health sector in three cities (clinics and hospitals, community and health science colleges and universities) toward improvement of availability, accessibility, coverage and utilization of reproductive health (RH) services in general and family planning (FP) in particular, at the local and national levels.    ​

Research and Publications

Resource Center

Recent Projects

November 2015

Training of Trainers for Cebu...

01-03 July 2015

CFA Workshop at Palawan

06 October 2016

Forum on FP Updates & Bioethics of Contraception


The Training Academy was formed to serve as a learning hub for developing new methodologies and strategies, and in utilizing technology for simplified teaching of different health issues in the community. HAIN conducts training programs to enhance capacity development for advocacy, research and training that would hone leaders to become valuable health educators and advocates.

HAIN offers the following training:

1. Resource Center Management Course

2.Training on Research Methods

3. Developing a Strategic Communications Plan

4.Understanding STI, HIV and AIDS : A Basic Training Course

20-25 June 2015

Pre-test CBS Training Module for CBS Motivators

Working Philosophy

HAIN believes that health is a development issue with economic, political, and cultural dimensions. It believes that health comes with empowering people & communities with access to objective & accurate information on health care to make their own decisions & to organize for their rights. With the help of its vast information network, HAIN seeks to provide information at the local level, where it is needed the most. ​

HAIN has conducted innovative research in such diverse areas as traditional medicine, young adult sexuality, pesticide use, HIV/AIDS, knowledge and attitudes to family planning, policy reviews on natural family planning, and reproductive health problems. The research activities are usually conducted in coordination with NGOs or academic institutions outside Metro Manila. These are used to guide training and education programs, and to formulate recommendations for public policy. Most of HAIN’s research activities have been transformed into publications to disseminate the results to a wider audience.

18-19 June 2015

Finalization of CBS Messages & Validation CBO Protocol

10-11 March 2016

Leveraging for Better Investment in Health at Fersal Hotel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

HAIN serves research, information and education needs of Philippine and international agencies in health and development


HAIN envisions itself as an acknowledged source in Asia of research-based health information for social action


To provide and advocate for the use of objective and timely information on health issues that would contribute to community transformation. 

Training Academy

Reach Palawan Project

HAIN team along with Palawan partners (FP2020 training participants) will meet on June 21 with the FP2020 Representative Mr. Guillaume Debar who will be visiting the country to meet project partners and project recipients.

Men's Health Forum

HAIN will conduct a Forum discussing issues on Men's  Health on June 30-July 2, 2016 at El Nido and Taytay, Palawan. Dr. Yul Quanico (incoming HAIN Board Member)  and Mr. Gerardo Andamo (HAIN's Executive Director) will be the Resource Speaker for the forum.

HAIN Resource Center serves and responds to information needs of CBHPs, partner NGOs, researchers and policy makers. Information are useful in program development, support for advocacy work, academic requirements, and policy development. HAIN offers thousands of special collection including HAIN publications containing critical analysis of issues and hard-to-find research materials.

The Resource Center gathers and consolidates a wide range of information materials and strategically disseminates information through its inquiry services and library facilities.